Photographer Josh Axelrod and poet Ava M. Hu will commence on a 28 day creative journey for the month of February where each artist will create individual works daily in tandem and in conversation with one another.

The creative process will be rotated daily: poem to photograph, photograph to poem, and a free day where we use a format that utilizes intuition and our creative collective unconscious as an experiment to see how works cross pollinate on a daily basis through use of timing, daily practice, and agreement to converse creatively for the specific time period.

This project is an effort to raise money for Tupelo Press, a small independent publisher of great works. Please feel free to donate towards this project and support Tupelo Press by clicking the button below. 100% of the proceeds go towards Tupelo Press. You will be supporting artists and the publication of great art.

Click the button above, or go to www.thisisthefloatingworld.com to see the full body of work.